Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Some shots captured from Oslo harbour basin. # 1

Oslo City Hall

Aker Brygge

The cruise season has successfully started

Visitor record
2008 will result in all time high considering the number of passengers. About 210 000 tourists will arrive at Oslo port this year and 150 cruise ships, many of the biggest, will call from April to October. Experiences tell that on board, there will be guests from more than 130 nations.

Attractive capitol
The feedback from the survey done after the 2006 season, showed that the guests were very satisfied with their stay in Oslo. Both the port and the capitol did have the facilities required, but of more importance of course, the many interesting experiences the town could offer, attracted the visitors, both shopping, sightseeing, strolling through the city centre and all the cultural activities. (Source - Oslo Port Authority)

Crown Princess

Queen Victoria

Oslo Opera House


Texas Travelers said...

Outstanding work.
So many fine photographs.
Each one better than the last.

Thanks for sharing all these great photos.

Thanks for the visit and kind words,

RuneE said...

Bra å se Oslo fra en side man sjelden ser.

Garden Angel said...

Wow...så flotte bilder!!!
Vakre skip og bølgeskvulp..
Er bildene tatt fra båt?

Beklager...men jeg kunne ikke dy meg i en kommentar hos Lene;)
Når jeg så at du hadde vært ute med båt...lå en overskrift fra Drammens Tidene altfor frisk i minne...hehe
Har mobbet min kjære med samme overskriften....om det er noen trøst...?

Over til noe helt annet...
Så flott dere har fått det ute.
Skikkelig koselig sittegruppe under syrintreet. Flott med hvitmalt mur og nytt hvitmalt gjerde:)
Dere er superflinke!!!
Ha en fin dag!
Hilsen Kræstine....(ikke nådig hu dama di altså:)

Anonymous said...

!!!!!! amazing
great colors too

chrome3d said...

You had a nice cruise in Oslo harbour. Wonderful pics. Thanks!

Dina said...

Wow, that's great how the Opera House goes right down into the water! Those cruise ships are kind of overwhelming in their bigness.
Great views, almost like being there.

Reader Wil said...

Wonderful photos of Oslo's City Hall. When my son was 5 years old he always carried a bag with toy cars around and some of them he lost in this city hall. That was 31 years ago.!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

John: What a very wonderful view you have in Oslo. I really enjoyed your pictures. I felt like I was there.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I'm loving your collection of shots from the water.

Cath said...

That opera house is a really unusual building! What a concept. Right on the water's edge - love it.
I would never have guessed your odd shot from these pictures. You have a great eye for a good shot.

Alguns Sonhos Vividos said...

I know this place! I've been in 2007 on MSC Opera! Loved IT!
Regards, Nadia