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Drammen City - Norway

Drammen kommune
Coat of arms of Drammen kommune
Coat of arms
Official logo of Drammen kommune
Buskerud within
Drammen within Buskerud
Drammen within Buskerud
Coordinates: 59°44′16″N 10°12′18″E / 59.73778, 10.205
Country Norway
County Buskerud
Municipality ID NO-0602
Administrative centre Drammen
- Mayor (2003) Tore Opdal Hansen (H)
Area (Nr. 366 in Norway)
- Total 137 km² (52.9 sq mi)
- Land 135 km² (52.1 sq mi)
Population (2008)
- Total 60,145
- Density 421/km² (1,090.4/sq mi)
- Change (10 years) 8.2 %
- Rank in Norway 9
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
- Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Official language form Neutral
Demonym Drammenser [1]
Data from Statistics Norway

Drammen is a city and municipality in the county of Buskerud, Norway.

Drammen was established as a municipality 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The rural municipality of Skoger was merged with Drammen 1 January 1964. (And then transferred from the county of Vestfold to the county of Buskerud.) There is also a town called Drammen in Wisconsin, named after the Norwegian city in 1877.

Source wikepedia

Drammen River

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Entrance Drammen Teater.

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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Ny nettbasert fotoklubb

Nå har noen av oss stablet på beina en ny fotoblogg. Den har fått navnet Norsk Nettfoto med adressen Dette er ikke en meme, men er tenkt å være en nettbasert fotoklubb beregnet på dem som liker å fotografere for fotograferingens egen skyld og som er interessert i å lære mer, vise egne bilder, få kommentarer, gi kommentarer, komme med tips, motta tips - i det hele tatt: sette FOTOGRAFIET som sådan i sentrum.Vi har gjort dette medlemsbasert slik at bare medlemmer kan legge ut bilder og kommentere, men alle kan lese. Dette har vi gjort for å kunne beholde en viss oversikt og ikke for å være vanskelige. Det er ikke spesielt problematisk å bli medlem: send en av oss (John, Rune eller Ivar) et ord eller benytt en av adressene som står på Norsk Nettfotos side, og du får en offisiell "invitasjon" som du så bekrefter. Vi har startet litt på forhånd for å prøve ut systemet - ta en tur innom og se om du kunne tenke deg å være med. Noen flere er allerede blitt med. Vi er på jakt etter dem som liker å leke med kameraet for å se hva som kommer ut av det. Den virkelige fotoglede. Her er en liten collage over noe av det som er kommet inn de få dagene dette har vært oppe. Det kommer fra seks forskjellige personer.

Grunnen til at vi gjør det er todelt. For det første er vi litt lei av "nice colours" kommentaren i de tradisjonelle memene og for det andre har vi liten sans for den nedlatende holdningen man ofte ser hos "forståsegpåerne" som lett dominerer enkelte andre steder. Vi vil være for amatørfotografen i godt humør.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sky Watch Friday # 29

Tryvannstårnet is the name of the 118 metre high TV Tower of Oslo, located 529 metres above mean sea level near the Tryvann lake. Tryvannstårnet was built in 1962 and has an observation deck in a height of 60 metres, from which you have at clear weather conditions a sight extending to the Swedish border. The observation deck was closed in 2005 because of new fire safety regulations that would have required expensive investments, as well as a rapidly declining number of visitors. In the 1980s and 90s, the tower yearly had around 100,000 visitors.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad - The Fortress Town # Part 3

It may be over-simplifying its history somewhat, but the old Fortress Town can be regarded as a designer town. Founded by a king fond of parties; developed by officers with continental swagger and a penchant for powdered elegance and military aesthetics.

Plenty of Norwegian towns have their old districts, but only Fredrikstad has the Old Town. Don´t be misled by the antiquated name, this place is nobody´s maiden aunt! On the contrary, the Old Town is still young and promising, having recently hung up its army uniform for good – after 350 years of military discipline - and slipped into its civvies. With history as a springboard the Old Town is putting itself on display, in its markets, carnivals and culture.

The End

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad - The Fortress Town # Part 2

It all began in 1567 when the king of Denmark-Norway decreed that the town of Sarpsborg, burned to the ground by arch enemy Sweden, should be rebuilt. The king bent his ear to a popular appeal to have the town resituated at a place that was easier to defend and had better living conditions.

The east bank of the Glomma estuary was the obvious choice, and for the first time in Norway a king let a town take its name from a person. That person was the king himself; and Fredrikstad would prove itself a town worthy of a king. The inhabitants didn´t even complain that the man who christened the town never stopped there, but merely sailed past a couple of times. Then again, during his lifetime the place was more a building site than an arena in which this most social of kings could enjoy himself. He should have been around a century or two later, by which time he would have no difficulty getting his glass filled for a toast to a well-proportioned and attractive town. And a fortress that deterred the enemy.

The old Fortress Town is a part of our European heritage, and many regard it as an obvious candidate for a place on UNESCO´s World Heritage list. Why isn´t the Old Town on the list? There are several reasons, not least of all Fredrikstad´s desire to keep it an integrated part of the city´s life. The Old Town has existed and continues to exist without the aid of any "tourist attraction"-label with all the dangers of commercialisation that brings with it.

Source : Opplev Fredrikstad