Sunday, 4 May 2008

High Dynamic Range Pictures - Made by tree exposures.

Nikon D200 - Tamron 17-50 /2.8
Photomatix - PS Lightroom.


Dianne said...

these are amazing

they're 3D, they feel like movie stills but also like paintings

very cool

Anonymous said...

very neat

Garden Angel said...

Tøffe bilder:)
Stilig laget i lightroom;)

Texas Travelers said...

I will have to try HDR photography. I have seen this before and it gives great results.

Your photos are outstanding,


babooshka said...

These are really interesting results.
Definately add a certain something.

David said...

Wow, these results look amazing! I'm still to try HDR, but it looks very exciting!


David Webb - Nature Pictures